Tuesday, August 6th is the big demo sale day!

Summer is slowly winding down, but it's still so hot!  There's still plenty of time to splash on the lakes and rivers in and around Idaho.  Now that we are starting to think about the transition back to being a ski shop, we need to sell off our rental and demo kayaks and rafts, and SUP's.  It's a great opportunity for you and your family to pick up used equipment at substantially reduced rates!  Don't hesitate to call or email us with questions.

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Put your deposit down on a used kayak, raft or SUP & save some money!
Starting at 9am, Alpenglow will take deposits on all rental rafts, kayaks, inflatables, and pedal drives.  You can put down 50% towards any specific model of boat that is for sale.  The boat can be paid off in full and picked up beginning Tuesday, September 3rd. The only exceptions to picking the boat up on the 3rd. will be due to existing advanced reservations. 

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If you are one of the lucky one's who put a deposit down on any kayak, inflatable kayak, or pedal drive, or SUP , then we give you a special bonus.  If the boat is not rented out on a given morning, then you can use it for free! (ww rafts excluded) Sorry, no multi-day use or advance reservations allowed.
FAQ's about the Demo Sale 
Why does Alpenglow structure its used sale this way?

Why can't we pay off and take the boat now?
Alpenglow needs the boats for rental through at least Labor Day to maximize revenue during the short rental season.


Can I put a deposit on accessories now as well? 
Alpenglow has so many assorted accessories, that it is too difficult to keep track of the small items that have deposits on them.  All used accessories will be up for grabs starting Labor Day weekend.  If you have a deposit on a raft, then deposits can be taken on the associated frame/cooler/drybox/oar package.  


How are the prices figured out?
Alpenglow takes pride in having new rental/demo equipment each year.  As such, our used prices are calculated on use, abuse, and frequency of rentals as well as replacement costs.  One benefit of buying used this year is that due to all of the high water, a lot of people were forced to cancel their early rental reservations, so most boats were used significantly less than in years past.  That means that when you buy a boat, it will be in great shape!  


What if the boat I buy gets damaged during a rental before I take possession of it?
OccasionDre photoally, damage will occur to a rental boat in some form.  We will take every precaution to minimize damage beyond normal wear and tear.  When it happens, we have a policy of full disclosure, giving you the final decision.  We will either pro-rate the boat, or give a store credit towards something else.  The choice is yours.  No matter what the situation, we will do our best to make you happy!


What if I have a multi-day trip that I want to use my boat for?
Alpenglow needs to rent out the boat for money as much as possible in order to be profitable as a store and continue to be a specialty shop to service our clientele in the future.  If you have a deposit on a given boat and want to use it for several days or longer, then we won't be able to make money.  If the kayak, IK, or SUP is not reserved for a day, then you can use it for free.  If you need to reserve it for a trip, regular rental fees apply.


Can I apply my rental fee towards the purchase price of demo/rental equipment? 
No.  We price the demo/rental equipment as aggressively as we can.  If you are looking to buy a new boat, we will apply up to two days of rental fee towards the purchase price of any regularly priced boat within a few weeks of the rental.


Is there any warranty on used boats? 
Yes and no.  Depending on the brand and boat, most manufacturers will honor the remainder of the factory warranty.  Please inquire further on any given model.
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