Born in Kauai as a Navy "Brat" and learning to fish salt water while growing up, I recently relocated to Idaho in August of 2015 from Phoenix where I had lived since 1985. I learned to fresh water fish at that time. 
I picked up Kayak Fishing 7 years ago in Arizona. 
I started on an Ocean Kayak Prowler as my first kayak but quickly upgraded to a Hobie Revolution, a year later, as soon as I saw the benefits of them for hands free kayak fishing with the Mirage Drive technology.  
A year later, I formed the Arizona Kayak and Motorless Anglers Group on Facebook 6 years ago, and it currently has over 1000 members. Before I moved to Idaho, I searched Facebook and other Kayak Fishing Blogs for the Northwest states. Seeing that there were no kayak fishing groups for Idaho, I quickly formed the Idaho Kayak And Motorless Anglers group on Facebook before moving to Idaho and it has now grown to over 30 members in a couple of months. I am hoping to popularize the sport up here in Idaho, as I did in Arizona, by getting out on the Idaho waters and learning to fish them, as well as promoting the sport by supporting Alpenglow Mountainsport and Hobie Kayaks, by providing and assisting in various programs, seminars and events around the state. With the popularity of Social Networks, I will be posting my kayak fishing adventures with short blogs and albums to promote the sport.
Tight Lines!!!  Ed E.
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