Alpenglow Used Paddlesports Gear Sale

Let's get the season started off right!  As a current paddler, it is your obligation to help grow the sport.  Your neighbor that always looks at you oddly as load up your kayak.  The other parents you talk to at your kids soccer or baseball games on Saturdays.  Your roommate that always seems to be a couch potato.  These are the target markets that we want to introduce to the great sport of paddling.

It's not only about gnarly whitewater, but just as important, floating down the riffles in a rec kayak, getting a workout on an SUP, fishing a hole that you would otherwise have a difficult time getting to...the options are endless.  The Alpenglow swap is the easiest way to get newbies a basic understanding of all of the different aspects of the sport.

Also, it's a great way to sell off some of your old gear and get something different.
Used Gear Sale Details

If you have old gear to sell, you can pick up pre-registration paperwork at Alpenglow anytime during store hours leading up to Swap day.  When you fill out the info, you can either choose to get a check (15% commission that is donated), or get store credit (no commission at all).  Either way, you win. (* A portion of swap proceeds will be donated to charitable causes in the outdoor community.)

Drop off your used gear beginning Saturday, May 6th at 8am.  We will allow limited early drop offs pending available space. 

Shopping begins at 9am and ends at 4pm on Saturday, May 6th.  All used gear left after 6pm will be donated. 
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